Volleyball for schoolchildren

There are players in volleyball with their own roles. For example, the binder is involved in all attacks, returning balls to its attackers. Diagonal – these are the players with the highest jump and growth, who can equally successfully attack from the front and back lines. It is they who carry the main burden in the attack. Central blockers work on the grid. They must block the opponent’s attacks or attack with fast balls, which are called the first pace. Gamers are universal volleyball players who go through the whole arrangement – they take balls and attack themselves. When attacking, one of the gamers is always on the opposite side of the diagonal.

There are no strict rules in school volleyball. Only the site must comply with standard sizes – 18 by 9 meters. The height of the net in men’s volleyball is 2.43 meters, in women’s – 2.24. In children’s volleyball, the net can be at any convenient height.

There is a child subspecies of volleyball – pionerball. If in volleyball you can only touch the ball, in a pioneer ball it is allowed to hold the ball in your hands and even take two steps with it. At the same time, two transfers to partners are allowed.