Volleyball Rules

At the same time on the site can be two teams of six people on each side of the grid. There is one unique player – the libero. He plays only on the back line and does not have the right to put a block or attack, that is, it does not work on the grid at all. And the libero can go on the court instead of any player on the back line.

If the tactical schemes in football are arbitrary, in volleyball the arrangement is very tough and for a violation in this sport the team is removed from the point. Each side of the court is divided into six zones, and, leaving for the pitch, volleyball players move from one zone to another. And when serving, they must be in their own zones, and after that they can move around the site to a position convenient for themselves.

After serving, each team has three touches to move the ball to the other side. The number of attacks is not limited. Moreover, the touch on the block is not considered. That is, after softening the blow, you can touch the ball three more times. Moreover, even the player who blocked the ball can make the first touch.