– What is sports psychology?
– Sports psychology is a science, an applied science, applicable, by the way, not only in sports, but also in the field of personal achievements of a person, because our life in a certain sense resembles a “sport”. Of course, in modern sports, the use of the achievements of sports psychology is very important for achieving high sports results and sports success. It’s no secret that sports training includes five components: physical, technical, tactical, pharmacological (in the good sense of the word) and psychological training. Dynamo Sports Club in this regard can be attributed to the world’s leading clubs.

– The term “psychology in sport” appeared relatively recently, however, it is increasingly often referred to psychology in case of failure. Are most of the failures, including volleyball, really in the field of psychology?
“I’m afraid you are mistaken.” The psychology of sport is a very “advanced” field, with rich experience and extensive practical experience. In the 70s, American experts unconditionally recognized Soviet priority in this area. As for the explanation of sports failures, really, a lot depends on the state of psychological readiness. Foreign experts recently conducted a survey on the subject of the world’s leading trainers. Opinions differed – from 10% to 90% of success they attributed to the “psychology”. And, indeed, when extra-class rivals meet, everything is no longer decided by “physics” (it’s almost the same) and not technique (it’s already “sharpened” by years of training), but the psyche – its stability, its organization, so to speak, her accountability.