volleyball attack

As a rule, all attacking actions are performed at the third touch. The first touch is the reception and transmission to the binder. The second touch is the choice of the connecting direction of the attack. Third touch is an attack hit.

There are times when a player can attack first with a touch, but a poor reception of an opponent should serve as a prerequisite for this. In such a case, the first touch is called a hit on the rolling ball. By the way, the binder can be tricky, like Steve Jobs, so instead of passing it to his partner, he can send the ball to the opponent’s side. This is called a trick.

But basically they attack the diagonal, the gamers are blocking. A hit should be made over the net in a jump (unless, of course, your height is not 3 meters). And the ball must pass between two antennas, which are located exactly at the borders of the court.

That is, if there can be a mess in tennis when one player has run too far to the side and got into the opponent’s court, just a grid, and this will be a point, this will not happen in volleyball.