Volleyball Court

Area. In football, there are only minimum field standards. Hockey players play in the NHL and at world championships at different venues. In a basketball court, not only the size of the courts is different, but three-second zones and the distance for a three-point throw differ. There were times when the rings were of different standards. In general, a complete mess reigns in these sports.

But volleyball has a strict order. It’s all regulated here. The site may be strictly 18 by 9 meters in size. And at the same time it is counted down almost to a millimeter. Already a centimeter – for sure. Often this separates ace from out.

Volleyball is much easier for girls than basketball. In basketball, no one thought of a weak field. Just as a hundred years ago they lifted the ring a little over three meters, so jump there like a man. Therefore, there are no spectacular dunks in Vzhensk basketball.

In volleyball, this is taken into account. For men, the net is at a height of 2.43 m, and for women – 2.24 m.