Volleyball Protection.

It would seem that volleyball is just “go to the net and utterly dope to jump around the ball.” But no. The fundamental basis of volleyball is the reception and the game of defense. The main goal of the defending team is to bring the ball to the binder. Moreover, with the highest quality, so that he does not have to run all over the site and curse at everyone that he runs a lot.

All volleyball players can participate in the reception. But you need to do everything extremely carefully. If you put your hands incorrectly and hold the ball a little, an evil referee starts whistling, who will immediately give a point to another team.

Previously, we tried to introduce the rule that the first touch in the reception must be done with the hands from below. But nothing good came of it. Therefore, hands on top are still allowed. Volleyball players who would be able to carry out a quality ball reception with their head or foot are still unborn, but such a technique is not forbidden by the rules of volleyball.