volleyball raffle

Despite the abundance of complex rules that simply never fit in a football player’s head, the rules in volleyball are much more ionic and much more complicated. Especially when the serve is completed and the ball is being played. Especially when the draw is lingering. None of the teams during the rally has the right to make more than three touches (with the exception of touching on the block). Any touch of the grid is prohibited. Players on the back line can only be attacked from the back line. Otherwise there will be a strike. One player can not make two touches in a row (and sometimes you want it so much). And even more so to take the ball in hand and ask the judge: “Have we not yet used the entire limit touch?” It is also forbidden to go over to the opponent’s side during the rally in order to shake hands with the opponent’s player. And even more so hit him. However, this is prohibited even during the filing and side switching.