Volleyball Zone

This is not quite a prison, but there are rules. They must be observed. For this is the law! And the team that violated it will be convicted by the judge by one point. In volleyball, there are six zones. These zones are fixed by players at the starting line-up, and then volleyball players after each transition of the ball move through the zones from larger to smaller.

In other words, each of the volleyball players must go through all six constellations. In fact, this is not entirely true. The placement should be performed only for the time the opponent’s balls are served, and then the guys change as you like. Moreover, the rules of volleyball are not prohibited for front-line players to go back and help in receptions.

Therefore, blockers always, even if they are in the 4th or 2nd zone (they do not exist on the back line), quickly move to their native 3rd. Hitrit and the binder. He immediately flees from any setting to the 3rd zone, from where he gives the transfer.